Friday, January 4, 2008

Cappacuino Muffin & Blueberry Coffee

What a great way to start a great day, that will inevitably start our weekend, which I am planning to be guessed it, a great weekend :-)

Big wee one has been sleeping beautifully with the new addition fluff and comfort to her room. She goes to bed without any problems and wakes up chirpy...LOVIN' IT! She did get her flu shot yesterday and was pretty upset about it the rest of the day. Gimping around on her leg that was "so hurt". She took it like an almost 3 year old would, cried and complained, but she did relatively well. While she was getting the shot, little wee one decided to pull every pamphlet out of the display case and then run around and laugh. She's a knucklehead! Sneaky little thing!

She likes to walk by big wee one, grab whatever it is that she might be eating or drinking and RUN! She's fast too! We are very lucky though, for the most part the girls get along beautifully!

Tonight, I am spending the night scrapping with my girlfriends...and a new addition, my brother's girlfriend. He's being shipped back out to the deep blue, so Paul is going over there for man time, and she is coming over our house for some quality memory making time! I expect it to be a fun filled evening...filled with laughs, my girlfriends coming over are HYSTERICAL, always makes for a good time.

Not much else on the agenda for the weekend...a little R & R after the crazy and sleepless holidays. Big wee ones 3rd birthday is a week away, so we'll probably do a little preparing for that...pick out if we want a Cinderella cake, Dancing Princess or another object adourned in pink that sings and dances :-) We are getting her a dollhouse for the big day, and I know she's going to LOVE it! She's been carrying around the catalogue with the picture of it in it, for about a month now. Almost daily she shows us the dollhouse and says, "I want this for my birthday, and my Daddy is going to get me the all these little things to put inside."

We had a Chuck E. Cheese birthday planned with her friends, but with everything going on, we decided to postpone the big brew-haha and go with a more low key celebration...cake and presents and Chuck E. Cheese later.

Have a wonderful first weekend of '08!!

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