Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surgery countdown...

This time next week, I'll be in the hospital. If all goes as I have it planned (which NEVER happens...just and FYI) maybe I'll be just about ready to get off the breathing tube? Who knows, I just hope that the swelling that occured when I had my wisdome teeth removed is no indication of the swelling that might occur. Keep your fingers crossed!

I had a pre-opp appointment at the anesthesia clinic in Hershey yesterday morning. What a day that was! I dropped big wee one off at her boyfriend's house and then headed on my way. About 8 miles outside of the hospital I got pulled over!! What is it lately...this is the second time in a month I've been pulled over! The first one was for an expired inspection sticker (which I immediatly got taken care...it was on delay due to having to replace my breaks) and yesterday I was pulled over for going 70 in a 50!!

I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE I WAS GOING THAT FAST! I seriously almost upchucked the coffee I had that morning...I felt so horrible! While I'm waiting for Mr. Cop to come to the window, I start digging through my purse to get my license...only to find I DON'T HAVE IT!! Holy crap...could this moment get any worse! Add to it, that I'm now going to be late for my appointment...Mr. Cop took my registration and said he would look up my license info (not sure if he did or not). In the meantime, I called Paul (crying of course, any woman in that situation would...I'm literally holding back the coffee trying to keep my nerves down!), explain my situation, and he says, "Oh look, there's your wallet right there". Nice.

I call Hershey to let them know I'll be late, and wait for Mr. Cop to come back...after I swear an hour of looking in my rearview to see if he was coming...if he was going to arrest me for my (still upaid) ticket, and seriously scold me for not having my license on me, Mr. Cop walks up to the window and says, "Mam, I'm gonna let you go with a warning" HOLY CRAP...WHAT?? I'M NOT BEING ARRESTED, I'M NOT GETTING A SERIOUS A$$ FINE FOR GOING SO FAST OVER THE LIMIT....THERE IS A HEAVEN ABOVE!!

After a very short and brief lecture on carrying my license incase of an accident, Mr. Cop wished me well at my appointment and sent me on my way. Soooooo...Mr. Cop, if you are out there, THANK YOU!!!!

My appointment went well, just medical history, brief exam type of thing. I met with one of the dr's of anesthia to go over the logistics of Monday, and she was pretty much shocked to read about my "out-patient gone crazy" procedure. She kept telling me how sorry she was that that happened. I'm beginning to think it was more serious then I ever thought it was, but what would I know? I had drugs (good thing).

Friday, I'll get the "call" with details for Monday, then Paul's mom and step-dad will be coming in on Sunday to stay with the girls. I just hope the girls are SUPER good for them! I know they'll be fine, but I hope they are good. Angelic like :-)

To finish, here are some pics of a recent evening Paul and I had out. Can you tell who had a really good time?? HA! Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Snecker for your gracious wine contribution :-) We had a great time!

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