Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crazy busy...

We, the Flohr's have been extremely busy the last week or so. Between Riddy's birthday and work events for myself, I've barely had a free second to breath! We started last week with a BANG! Little wee one got sick on her babysitter :-( So, I dropped her off at the babysitter, dropped big wee one off at school, got the call from the babysitter and went to pick her up. So much for getting any work done! Oh well...that's life with small people.

The rest of the week was pretty mild, just busy. Big wee one's birthday was Friday...she's THREE!! I can't believe how fast 3 years has flown by! I remember sitting at Red Lobster with Paul and our friend Greer, thinking I was going into labor, only to be sent home a couple of hours later. What a bummer...obviously, she eventually made her grand appearance and has pretty much kept us on our toes from day one.

We had a small celebration at Chuck E. Cheese's and then opened presents and had cake at home. Big wee one finally got her doll house and has played with it non-stop! I constantly hear her in her room talking for the dolls...what an imagination she's got! Big wee one also had her 3 year check up and did great. It was the first dr's appointment I didn't have to do anything! I just sat and listened. She's growing in soooo many ways! She can count to ten in spanish and she can write her name. She knows all of her colors and shapes and is very sensitive. She's not an aggressive child, more of a do you put it. If another little person "offends" her in whatever way, she'll complain about it, but she's never hit or pushed (that I know of) another child, besides little wee one, but hey, isn't that what sisters are for ;-)

Paul and I are good...lacrosse season starts soon, so Paul has been going to the field on Sundays. Its good for him to get out there let some of his stress out in that way. I have a pre-opp appointment on Monday, so big wee one is going to head to her best little boyfriend's house and play. She's been talking about him for weeks now, she doesn't get to see him too often because they just moved about an hour away. Today she told me she wanted her boyfriend (name witheld) to wear her pj's...goofy girl!

I spoke with Dr. Rugg last Friday, and he helped to ease some fears. He let me know that I will have the breathing tube in for the first night (and as long as I need it), but after day two of the breathing tube, we'll discuss the trach. Honestly, I am feeling a little better, like maybe this won't happen. I guess (maybe) it depends on if I'm a "sweller" and if my wisdom teeth are any indication of swelling...HOLY SMOKES! haha! If I had a digital picture, I would insert it here, but thank goodness I don't!

Off to scrap and work on some photos for a friend...have a great night and I'll update more soon :-)

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Our Journey to Rachel said...

Hi Tina:
How are you? So nice to be able to read how you and your family are. I will be sure to keep you in my prayers. I know your surgery will go well and I wish I was closer to help in some way. I miss you and our friendship. Hugs to you and please continue to keep us posted!

Love and miss you,
Sherry Crist