Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you soooo much!

Paul and I wanted to thank everyone for all of your support and prayers through this crazy time. Everything went way better then planned and I couldn't be happier that this initial phase is over. It doesn't mean there won't be more to come, but at least I can expect what could come.
I apologize for not being very "outgoing" right now. I've avoided phone calls, just because I've been exhausted and my throat hurts. My in-laws are here, and I have to give my mother-in-law huge props! She's done all of our laundry, cleaned up after the kids and changed some yucky diapers...all the while trying not to get sick.
Both girls are sick with ear infections and chest congestion. Runny eyes and noses, and horrible coughs. Just what you want to come home to, but I LOVE being home none-the-less.
I hear the big wee one trying to settle back down now, soon, we'll all be feeling better and back to normal!
Good Night!


Bonnie said...

Happy, happy - joy, joy!
Glad to hear such positive reports coming from the Flohr camp! We have been following your progress and printing your blog for circulation to the less 'web inclined' - ha ha!
Sorry to hear the girls are snotty (literally - not attitudinally)!
Stay warm and we will see you soon!
Oh yeah, your um mailbox, its kind of full. He he he he he he he

shannon said...

Hey Guys we are sooo happy everything went so well, Tina you look Great!!! Hope the girls are feeling better! Our offer to babysit or anything you need still stands! Talk to you soon!!