Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Sometimes, you come across people who you may never physically meet in your life, but you form incredible bonds with them. You may not talk to them (via email) for months at a time, but you know you can turn to them at any time and they'll understand everything you are going through.
What an incredible feeling to know that I have a group of friends, that I haven't met face to face, but I do share a bond with. Three years ago, when I was pregnant with big wee one, a group of ladies and myself formed an online mom's group...all of us had babies due in the month of January. We've celebrated births, birthdays, births of siblings, losses, new jobs, moves, struggles, happiness, anger, laughter, phone calls, pictures...well, we've celebrated everything together.
Everything that best friends share together in the physical form, we've shared over the internet. Crazy? Maybe, but when I have no one else to vent to or talk to, I know I can turn to judgements made what-so-ever. It's a relief.
During this crazy time, they've been there for me. Sending encouraging emails and notes...thank you ladies! Thank you for the warm and fuzzy pj's, I'll be bringing those to the hospital. What a special surprise for a crazy week! Thanks for being my best friends :-) For knowing exaclty what I'm going through, because you are going through it to (well, most of the time..hehe).
Moral of the story...don't be afraid to let people in. Strangers can be more then just strangers.
Thank you to my far-away friends!


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mama hall said...

tina, i'm so thankful for our crazy internet friendship :) love-Eryn