Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Email I Received This Morning...

I received this email when I got into work this morning, and I just wanted to share how amazing this man is!!

Good morning honey,
I hope you have a great day. I found these lyrics from a song and thought they fit us to a "T".

You ask how much I love you must I explain I need you oh my darling like roses need rain You ask how long I'll love you I'll tell you true Until the 12th of never I'll still be loving you
Hold me close never let me go
Hold me close melt my heart like April snow
I'll love you till the bluebells forget to bloom I'll love you till the clover has lost it's perfume I'll love you till the poets run out of rhymes
Until the 12th of never and that's a long long time

I really like that. Love you

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