Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

A few days late :-)

We had a great week this week! I got to stay home with the girls for a snow day, and then Friday, I had an appointment in Hershey. Everything went great! My next CT scan will be in May, and I'll also meet with my neurosurgeon after that to discuss the scans and our next steps :-) I'm happy. My ENT dr. said he thought everything look much better! The "thrill" (flow of blood) wasn't nearly as defined as it was before the surgery (I agree) and the inside of my mouth looked less swollen. All is good in AVM land :-)

I digi-scrapped a little last night :-) and found a new digi website with some cool freebies: check it out!

We are having a Chili & Cheesecake Valentine's dinner with some friends this evening, so I'm going to go prepare and clean for that! Have a great weekend all!

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Stephanie said...

Your scrapbookin' stuff is awesome. I just got into Stampin' Up and LOVE it! Glad you had a good Vday! Glad you are feeling better with your AVM. Take care of those adorable girly girls!!!