Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Addicted.

To the Biggest Loser! I LOVE that show! The amount of weight that these people lose, their whole lives change before our very eyes! Its very inspiring, especially to do it on t.v. I mean, would you want to show your man boobs to the whole world, or flaunt yourself in your sports bra?? I sure know I wouldn't! I look forward to watching it each week, even though the blue team guys really dissapointed me last week, kicking off the other guy's mom...and being so deceiptful about it! Grrrr....

Now, it looks like I could get hooked onto this season of American Idol...man, I'm a sucker! Even worse (are you thinking how could it get worse??) they are on at the SAME TIME! I'm totally annoying Paul clicking back and forth between the channels! Though, I think he secretly thinks some of the singers are pretty good (I heard him humming/singing a long a little)...hehe!

This past weekend was a good one! I headed to an all day crop with one of my besties. Usually when I go to an all day crop (I'm talking scrapbooking here folks), I get like 3 pages done, but this Saturday, Mrs. Thang and I both finished 10 pages! And, if you KNOW me, you are saying, "Holy cow Tina! 10 PAGES! You go girl!" Paul took the girls to a civil war place (the name and location slips my mind) and I scrapped till my heart's content! Here are some of the digital layouts I finished:
The girls are feeling great, Paul and I are both doing wonderfully and we are all excited about Valentine's day. Big wee one made Valentine's for all of her friends at school and she's excited to be able to bring her "Valemtime's" bag home tomorrow. I had intentions of helping her make her teacher's a little Valentine goody, but well...we didn't get to it. Though, I did make a delicious dinner tonight. Very simple: Potatoe crustes salmon (just cover your salmon in a mixture of fake flakes, parm cheese, salt & pepper) and of course bake till done and delicious.

We woke up this morning to snow, which delighted big wee one to no end, but little wee one just stood at the door when it was time to go...she is no fan of the snow! Its so cute though, her disgusted look on her face like, "You want me. To go out there. No."

Good night all!

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