Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hop, hop, hop...

It's that time of year again...the Easter Bunny is coming near.

This is going to be a great Easter this year. We have friends coming into town that we haven't seen in years! Needless to say I am "UBER" excited to see them! "Sam" was like an older sister to me when I was growing up...I looked up to her and thought she was the coolest thing! She was one of my maid of honors in my wedding and truly an amazing person. She has the cutest little boys and a great safely, can't wait to hang on Sunday!

We have had the best week with the girls :-) Needless to say, Mommy is soooo happy! You know the saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"...its true ;-) But there's a twist to it, if your oldest wee one ain't happy, momma ain't happy...I think that's how it really goes.

So, big wee one has been happy, so our house has been delightful! Mimi took us to an Easter Egg hunt last weekend and both of the girls did a fantastic job hunting eggs and having a good time. Afterwards, we went to the local fish hatchery to feed the fish and then topped off the morning with nuggest from McD's and some play at the park. Daddy had a lax tournament so he didn't get home until later in the afternoon and was beat. The whole house was quiet for about an hour and a half while everyone slept and then we headed to the outlets to get big wee one some new shoes (that girl is growing...can someone make her stop!), she chose "candy cane" shoes. Of course, she has had them for less then a week and they are already scuffed up...frustrating, but she's a kid.

Little wee one is doing more and more stuff everyday! Still not saying a whole lot, and I shouldn't say she's not saying stuff, because she's talking, we just have NO IDEA what she's talking about! She says "momma" a lot and "uh-oh" and I believe she is starting to say big wee one's name more often along with "dat" (that). She had her 18 mth check up on Wednesday and is growing...slowly...she is now up between the 5-10% for her weight, weighing in at 20 lbs and is in the 25th % for her height (and off the top of my head I can't remember, but its not very tall). Not to compare but she's about 3 inches shorter then big wee one at this same age. She doesn't look tiny, but she is. She's a fiesty one for sure!

I have off of work today for Good Friday and grabbed a cup of java with my momma (ha...I'm a poet) after taking the girls to the sitter. I have to pay, so I might as well take them. I'm heading out to get them in a few, and big wee one is sooooo excited. She's been invited by her friend "peanut butter cup" for a "mock" sleep over! Mimi has surprised her with a new sleeping bag, she's going to be sooooo stoked! I'll will definitely post pics of big wee one, peanutbutter cup and (let's think of a nickname for the other little girl that is going...hmmmmm) "aister" (not sure if that fits, it sounds good in my head with her first letter of her name, but since you don't know what that is, I don't know if it flows...oh well, I know who she is :-). All three of the girls are so excited, they are telling everyone from the cashiers at the stores, to their teachers at school. Oh, to be 3 again ;-)

Have a wonderful Easter weekend...looks like we'll have cold/wintery weather here. With Easter being so early this year, that's no surprise, I'm just hoping this is the last of the winter weather. Out like a lion, in like a lamb.

I'm hoppin' on out....

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