Monday, March 24, 2008

Riding the sick train...toot, toot!

I'm home with the girls today...both got sick yesterday. I really think its for two different reasons and none have anything to do with the flu bug, so we should be back up and in full force tomorrow :-) Here are some pics of the girls today...we were flooded with awesome light in little wee one's room, so I had to grab my camera and take some pics:
It is so difficult to get a great shot of little wee one, she usually moves and never smiles...but she looks cute here :-)

We had a great time celebrating Easter with our friends...big wee one loved playing with "the boys" and was trying to kiss them by the end of the day. Here are some pics from yesterday: I thought the bubble picture looked cool :-)

We had a blast playing, hunting eggs and eating WAY too much candy. If you didn't notice, I got the girl's hair cuts on Saturday, big wee one's turned out cute, but little wee one...I'm not so sure. I'm not crazy about it, but she did great sitting very still for the hair dresser.

I'm going to catch up on some work now, both girls are zonked out and I'm hoping to get a long nap out of them (YA right!)

T & Gang :-)

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Stephanie said...

I like big wee one's haircut! She's just growing and growing..
We took Will to the dentist too! Eric does look like it's hard living in Japan. Awesome picture.