Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Games...lots of 'em

The Trojan's lost last night :-( By one point! Ugh...those are the WORST! My stomach gets in knots watching, and I'm sure my friend that came was thinking, "Shut up!!" due to my yelling and stomping. I can't help it, I get into it...good thing my mother-in-law wasn't there...woooo, she's got some lungs on her! (We love you Grandma!)

Thursday is another home game, and Saturday morning as well...of course I will report on all games, for those that want to be in the know :-)

I am home with little wee one today. She woke up the night before last with a wicked cough, wheezing and runny nose. I got to spend some quality, middle of the night time with her was sweet :-) The next morning (yesterday) I took her to the dr. and she has croup. We started her on steriods last night and hopefully this thing will kick it ASAP! She's sleeping right now and big wee one is at school, so I'm multi-tasking...did a little work, folding laundry (well I'm fluffing it to begin folding it), and now I'm updating the blog :-) Go me!

The weather has been super gorgeous here, last night's game was beautiful! Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Little wee one looks preggo...she's tiny with a big tummy! And she's stylin' too, look at those cute shoes! Big wee one thinks she's funny too!

I LOVE this picture of Paul...tehe!

Big wee one striking a pose with her cupcake and Paul actually laughing after the loss...that's little wee one zonked on him. She was exhausted! The girls creating pancakes out of the gravel...chefs!

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Kathie Truitt said...

Tina - Your friend Maureen K introduced me to your blog. Wow!! You're really good - I'm new to this - I'm a writer not a blogger. ((Sigh)) yours makes mine look weak - lol!