Sunday, April 27, 2008

On a Roll...

We are on a roll here in Flohr land...

Cleaning out clothes, closets, cabinets...spring cleaning in crazy mode. If I don't think I could possibly use it, think I want to use it, I'm not totally in love with it, or's outta here! I must say, that I'm doing pretty good. Our garage is loaded with stuff for a garage sale, and we have yet to go through our storage unit. I'm determined to cut down on clutter. If you know me, you know this is hard. I wouldn't say I'm a pack rat, but you just never know when you might use or want something that you got rid of.

In lax land, the Trojans have won their last two games, making their record 8-4. The win Saturday morning was an action packed one! I made a fool of myself yelling, especially at one mom for the other team. They (the other team) were harrassing the ref's for calling penalties, and the lady was yelling, "Come on Ref, it goes both ways!" and as she's yelling this, one of their players turns around and smacks one of our players in the face with his stick...seems their team was playing a little dirty. Of course I had to yell back, "If your players weren't being such bad sports, the ref's wouldn't have to keep penalizing them!" (Something to that extent.) I get heated! The other coach's girlfriend (a great gal that I had only briefly met one other time) was at the game, I'm sure I made a great first impression! HA! Luckily, she was a cheerleader in a past life, and I think she understood the heated moment. At the end we were both (well, most of the's about time these parents put some ooomph into their cheering) standing and yelling (I was banging the sand toys we brought on the stands) :-) Action packed I say! We finished Saturday night having dinner with said girlfriend and coach/friend. Thanks to Mr. Wes for a delicous dinner (we ate at his restaurant) and to our new found friends for the good company :-) And thank you Mr. Bartender for introducing me (well, really the menu jumped out at me) to Blue Moon...YUM!

Tomorrow, starts another week for us. Friday, is my first FULL event that I have been involved with from start to finish at work. I'm really excited for A Taste of the Arts, and I'm hoping it doesn't rain!! Do a little non-rain dance for us please!

Have a great week! Let's see if we can post a picture from this day last year (since I need to upload new pics) :-)

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Ramey and Stephanie said...

I am the total opposite of you. I throw everything away. I drive my MIL crazy! She keeps everything and I think she's nuts. Funny about the heated moment during the game. I'm glad Ramey is not a coach...they'd have to escort me out. :-D