Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yard Sale.

Be there.
Come buy all my crap.
Some of it is really good crap.

Some...not so good, but one man's crap is another man's treasure :-)

Friday morning. 7:30-noon...I'm hoping to make MILLIONS (in my best pinky to the mouth dr. evil voice.) I'll let you know how that goes selling all my 50 cent and dollar

Tonight, was Big wee one's dress rehearsal for her big performace Saturday night. She did AWESOME! As soon as I figure out how to upload a video from my DVD recorder and or get the really bad, from far away video from my digital camera, I will post it for your viewing pleasure. She really did a great job! Especially considering she's one of the youngest ones in her class. A lot of the other little girls did the whole look around and roam thing, which, I can get. Those bright lights are really bright, and you haven't seen those cool decorations before...and heck, Big wee one didn't do a single dance move in her little 2 year old recital last year.
These pictures are from her in class dance recital last year.

See how she didn't dance, she just posed for me the whole time. Goof was sweet though, and she sure looked cute.

TGIF...Have a great weekend!

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