Friday, May 30, 2008

Settling in...

to my new tanned body :-)
Ha...don't be jealous, especially my Tejas friends. I know you all have been lounging by the pool for weeks now...WEEKS! Last week, I wore my thermals under my pants to Paul's final lax game so I wouldn't freeze my rear, I wore a tank and I was sweating! Excuse me, glowing ;-) (I don't want to sound like a hog, I don't sweat like a pig, I glow like a lady!)
I sat out all morning, working the garage sale with "C" and got some sun. Ate a bowl full of the the BIGGEST strawberries EVER, and got some sun (did I already say that?). Tomorrow morning, I'll finish the garage sale and hopefully I won't get drenched. Peeps have been telling me that they've heard it's supposed to rain tomorrow...better not rain on my parade! I have crap to sell (see previous post...and then come buy my crap!). I need to raise a little extra funds to go see the new Sex in the City movie. Can't wait!
Toodles....for those weekend is the grand opening of the brewery. Buy your tickets and meet us there!!
Good night!

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