Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good Times.

We had a great weekend. Good times, good friends and nice relaxation!

Yesterday, I took the girls to Mimi & G-pa's house, where they enjoyed sand and water :-) Little wee one struggled with her allergies for most of the day and slept a lot, and when I was leaving from dropping them off, Big wee one was already dressed up as a butterfly. I know they had a great time, especially since Big wee one told me all about it and said if we sold her room she could move to Mimi's house (don't even ask...I have no idea where that came from)!! She especially loved the hot dogs and chips that they had for dinner...thanks Mimi & G-pa :-)

While the girls hung out with the grand-rental units, Paul and I went to the grand opening of Roy Pitz Brewery. We went with Horn and his gal TJ to the "par-tay", and upon arrival got word that the party was moved to another location. Apparently, the Bourough of C-Burg wasn't thrilled with the idea, so we ended up having the grand opening at the one owner's parent's house. Which was AMAZING! The house, just the outside that I got to see, was incredible! Anti-who, the food was delicous! The beer fantastic and the festives fun! I really love the watermelon beer that they brew, and Paul liked all of them but the watermelon :-) Go figure. We stayed all day, and really the time flew by (sounds familiar, didn't we talk about time flying by recently??). Afterwards, we headed home, the men dropped the chicks off, the grand-rental units dropped the children off, and the men returned home with 2 dozen crabs. We ended the night on a good note. TJ...not so much :( Poor thing didn't feel good at all...I attribute it to heat. It was BLAZING yesterday and we were outside all day. I hope you're feeling better!!

This morning I mopped. Seriously. Mopped. Moved the table out of the kitchen and got on my hands and knees and scrubbed that bad jackson. It sparkles now and my house smells like Mr. Clean. Later in the afternoon, I took Nona's grand-baby's pictures...adorable little chunk. She asked me if I wanted anymore food :-) hehe...I might just take her up on that offer!

I'm in the process of uploading pics to shutterfly, and usually I'm pretty good about uploading every other week or so. Well, its been over a month and I am now in the process of uploading 699 pictures! That was just for the month of May! I uploaded the last of April's pictures before that, so for those that are on the picture receiving email on the look out :-)

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Ramey and Stephanie said...

How many pair of big sunglasses do you own? ;-D Ha. Cute, cute pics. Y'all look busy! I promise not to be on the computer...gotta catch up on other things. ;-D ;-D