Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the Groove...

This is the most recent page I've completed and I'm hoping to get my groove back soon! I've been in the mood to digi scarp, but just haven't. No real rhyme or reason...well, besides kids, life, laundry...watching the back of my eyelids. You know, life.

I did find a lot of really cool digi sites recently. Check 'em...if you are into that kind of thing:

I'm home from work since K is at senior week in OC, MD, and the girls are sleeping, I should be productive...I think I'll work and then hopefully tonight, all my work will be done and I'll be able to digi scrap. BUT...the dilemma is, when I'm laying in bed I LOVE to read, and that conflicts with the scrapping...hmmmmm....what to do, what to do???

We are heading to OC, MD this weekend so I'm definitely going to bring my laptop then...the Flohr side of the family are night owls, so I could digi scrap while they are all chit-chatting :-) SO YAAAAA...I'm gonna scrap this weekend!! hehe!


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