Monday, June 23, 2008


We don't see much of our family very often, so I thought I'd give a few little updates.
Uncle E: he's somewhere far far away...not sure exactly where he is, but this picture should give you some kind of idea:
He's doing fantastic, from the sounds of his emails and should be home sometime in late August, hopefully in time for Little wee one's birthday...she's gonna be 2!! How did that happen?? Anti-who...looks like he's dating someone, and they seem to have really hit it off. I'm happy for him. And luckily, this datee is familiar with the requirements that come with his lifestyle, since she's there doing whatever she does with him. Should work out nicely...I wish them luck! Hey E, you should start blogging on your worldly adventures!!! Sounds like a great idea to me!

Uncle N, Aunt J & Cousin Munchkin: just moved from Arkansas to TX, familiar territory for Uncle N. I am dying, in the worst way, to go visit them and see my little munchkin neice!! I really do miss them so much! Cousins should not go a whole year between visits :-( Here is a shot of the cutest munchkin ever with her floatation devices...teehee

Cousin Al: will be joining us on our adventure to OC, MD this weekend. I can't believe she's going to be a senior next year! I remember dancing with her in Grandma's kitchen and fixing her hair on Saturday mornings and now she's thinking about COLLEGE!! We haven't seen her, well since winter time. We keep up with each other on myspace, but I know that Big wee one (and Little wee one as well) will be excited to play with her this weekend.

The rental units are doing great. My parents are finally landscaping their yard! After 5+ years of living there. It looks great and soon we'll be picking fruit and veggies from their garden :-)

Uncle J is doing fabulous!! He had his port removed about a month or so ago, which means no more treatments! YAAAA!! He's itching to get back into the swing of things...literally, we have a tentative date to go play golf in two weeks :-)

Paul's parents are doing great as well. Grandma recently had a procedure done and everything went better then planned! Always a good thing! They are in the hunt for a house in C-burg, and I've been sending "bites" here and there. We are visiting them this weekend which means:

and lots of 'em. We'll also be hitting the beach and picking up a pass for our jeep on Assateague Island. We are hoping to bring the girls there to go camping soon. Big wee one has been asking to sleep in a tent and camp out. I think it would be fun :-)
That's it for now. Toodles

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