Thursday, June 26, 2008


We had our monthly MOMs Night Out last night and I had a BLAST! I drank a little too much, laughed really hard, ate good food and spent a little bit of money (just enough to make me happy) :-) Two of the stores downtown stayed open after hours for us and provided food, discounts and beverages. We called it the Progressive Dinner and usually we do this at a neighborhood where a few of the moms live and start with appetizers at one house, walk to the next house and have the main dinner and then finish at another house with desserts. It's usually a lot of fun, and last night was no exception. Here are some pics:
This was my attempt at a self-timer pic, sorry I accidentally cut out 1 or 2 people
This is one of my dearest friends...she'll go above and beyond and she's always great for an ear to vent! She's also really freakin' funny and crazy! The night ended relatively early, so we decided to hit a local watering hole to finish off the evening. Man, I laughed REALLY hard here!!

These nights out are some of the best times. Its a great way for us to vent about our kids and laugh about them as well. If you are reading this and you are a mom who needs to get out, look into joining your local MOMs club. Its a great way for your kids to meet friends and for you to meet friends. This club has been a life saver for me in SO many ways! I've made some incredible friendships that have changed my life forever. Thanks to all of you who make this club so great...I don't know many clubs that have the dynamics that we do!

On to swimming. We hit my gals house for a little water fun this afternoon and Big wee one looked so cute in these goggles. I've been experimenting with the manual settings on my camera and love the way the pictures come out.

This is what happens when a two year old opens a bag of! This little lillypad is FULL of spunk! She is exactly like her Momma!

The girls have been playing so well together. I'm so happy that they truly love each other and want to play together. Big wee one has been a very good big sister and taking care of Little wee one. This morning she even got Little wee one's breakfast for her and threw away her trash. She loves to rock her at night and help put her to sleep. I love this picture because it shows how much they really resemble each other. Same exact hair color and silly little expressions.

Don't you just love summer time?! We get to eat fresh corn on the cob, play outside all the time and go to the beach...which is where we are headed tomorrow. This weekend should be a fun one. We'll have Cousin A with us and we'll get to see Grandma & Grandad! Big wee one is excited to sleep in her sleeping bag, and Mommy is excited to get some sun! Hopefully I'll have a lot of great pics to post. Have a good one!

Oh, I'm gonna finish with some pics we've taken outside when the sun has been going down...we've had some amazing cloud formations and pretty sunsets, so I thought I would share :-)

This is the post that never ends! As I'm sitting here uploading and updating the 'ol blogger, I can hear Paul and Big wee one downstairs having a conversation. It's so cute! I can't hear exactly what they are saying, but she sure does have a lot to say. On a side note, her attitude has been soooo much better! I've been doing a little reverse psychology on her and it seems to be working. A friend told me that whenever they start to whine to start whining just like them and then they'll stop. Sure works! She'll start whining so I'll do it too, and she can't help but laugh! It's so funny! This week, she's been going to Vacation Bible School and she's had a blast! Tomorrow is her last day for that, and then I think we'll sign her up for a day camp at the "Y"...keeping her busy seems to be working. Ok. I'm done.


Our Journey to Rachel said...

Hey Tina! Gosh your girls are so darn cute! They really do resemble each other. You are so blessed!

I would love to see you in July! When in July are you heading this way? It would be so awesome to see you guys again. You have to meet Rachel! She is a blast and so full of personality.


Anonymous said...

They are adorable!!!! You always sound like such a great mommy... I love it.. And I need to look into that MOMS group because I think it would be good for me. I have no one around here!