Friday, June 13, 2008


Big wee one and Little wee one are going through some transitions. Its tough. Exhausting. Annoying. Funny. Kind of. Not really. I take that back, it's not really funny.
I know they LOVE K, watching them, and hanging with them all day, but man, Big wee one sure is pushing buttons! And, can anyone who has kids please let me know if this is a phase...the word poopie. I can't stand it and I don't know how to get her stop saying it! Everything is poopie. "Bye Poopie!", "I love you big poopie", "Do cows make smelly poopies?", "Goodnight big poopie wishy washy poopie".
Will it ever end?
Will they be nice again and not hit or tell me no? I know it's the whole transition thing, I get that, but come's not like I'm sending them away to boarding school! They get to hang with the K, play in the sand and water...hmmmm....thoughts? Anyone? Are you out there? I see you looking at me...I know where you are looking at me from, so help a momma out and give me some advice on the poop situation and how long transition will take, or else, it will be a LONG summer!
Speaking of summer time...we are officially kicking of summer with a pool par-tay tonight! Should be fun, I picked up some beer, made some brownies and I'm about to finish the deviled eggs. Now all I need is my hubby to come home from work, throw on some swimsuits and get this party started!

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