Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I survived!

I did it! I'm here and I survived my first major festival! It was such a LOOONNGGG day, and I was completely exhausted afterwards, but it was rewarding. All of that stress leading up to it and it all just flowed was so awesome. I LOVE my job! A huge thank you to the committee, one of those ladies has worked with this festival for 22 years. She answered all of my phone calls with ease and comfort, never once annoyed with me. She gave me great advice (listen to them when they say to wear tennis shoes and not flip-flops...I'm glad I did!), calmed my fears and gave me a lot of the spotlight, when she deserved more of it then I did! An all around wonderful and knowledgeable lady! (Is that how you spell knowledgable? Or did I make up my own word...I would do spell check but its late and I'm tired...a running theme in this post...ha!)

I arrived that morning around 4:45 am and didn't get home until after 6 pm. I couldn't even keep my eyes open that night. I was interviewed for the news, but didn't make the cut, which was ok with me...I was so sweaty and dirty! Better to keep the dirty/sweaty girl off the camera! hehe! It was such an awesome learning experience, I'm happy it's over and it has opened my eyes for ways to improve the next festival I have, which is in October.
Here I am being "special"

It was really hard for me to adjust to moving to C-burg, but now I love our quaint little home :-) Big wee one and Mimi being silly at the festival.
This week I'm taking kind of a mental break at work...doing light "duty" (aka: organizing the office, sending thank you's and articles to the local papers), and taking off Friday to go visit with some friends I haven't seen in a long time back up in the Philly area. YEAAAA!!! I'm so excited! One of my girlfriends, I haven't seen since we moved and she just adopted a little girl, one other I haven't seen since I was pregnant with Little wee one and the other...well, we keep up to date via email and try to see each other atleast once a year...it should be a really relaxing and fun weekend.

Paul is heading to goalie camp tomorrow morning for a long weekend of shooting on goalies. He hasn't been to camp in 7 years or so, and he's excited to be back doing his thing. Back in our dating years, he traveled to 3 or 4 different camps a summer working with kids to master their lax skills. He loves it, and it gets him away for a few days.
Oh, guess what I did last night...well, really what happened to me last night?????
The oven set my dinner one fire!!!!!!! Can you believe that?!! I think our oven is off gage or something. It burns almost everything, and anytime I cook at or over 400 degrees it sets off the smoke detector. I called our main office (one perk of renting) and they will be out probably tomorrow to *hopefully* install a new oven. Crazy though! The house SMELLED and filled with smoke, so we through out our food, since Paul sprayed it with the fire exstinquisher (sp)...it was going to be so good too! I made roasted zuchinni with potatoes, onions and garlic, steak and corn :( Instead, we had Wendy's. Blah.

Back to the weekend, I just thought I'd throw the oven fire in there, since it was on my mind. Sunday, we didn't really sleep in and I was exhausted so we cleaned the house some and then took the girls to Cowan's Gap. I forgot that there was a family day planned there for the MOMs club, and it ended up being a great day with friends. Little wee one LOVES the water like a fish and Big wee one loves the sand. Too bad they don't both love the same thing, it would make one being either in or out of the water easier. Big wee one clung to Paul all afternoon after she saw the first fish in the water. Cowan's Gap is a lake in the mountains with a sandy beach, its free and a lot of fun. Kind of like the ocean, ok, I take that back, nothing like the ocean, but still kind of like it...dirty (as in litter), "interesting" people of all sorts and sand. See, you can "sea" the similarities right?! LOL.

Needless to say, after our afternoon at the lake, I could barely keep my eyes open and pretty much zonked completely out around 8:30. I did the same thing last night too. Whenever I get really tired, my stomach just aches and aches...the only way to make it feel better is to just go to sleep. I can't deny the hurt, I just need to succumb to it, close my eyes and sleep! This morning I woke up completely rested and feeling so much better!

These are pics from the last few days. We always end the day with playing outside after dinner, and here are the girls doing their part to keep the night entertaining. Have a great week all :-)

I LOVE this picture of Little wee one...she's in this total stinker stage. Telling us, "NO" all the time and being honory!

She's also going through a "doot" stage

Both girls are into riding on someone's back lately. Ask Daddy how his back feels about that! Doesn't it look like fun though!?

Go green! Say NO to plastic Bags...the end.

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Anonymous said...

Glad it went well!!! And sounds like a fun weekend. Your always having too much fun. I'm jealous! And coming to Philly should be good... Who are you seeing? Have a good time!!!