Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Beachy

We had a wonderful time at the beach, but were sad that Grandad couldn't join in on the fun :-( We thought he had a stomach bug, but it turns out his appendix was being a turd bomber (yes, I did just say turd bomber) and he had it removed yesterday! We hope you feel better soon Grandad!
The weather driving down to the beach was awful! My husband, Mr. Drive in the City his whole life was freaking out, I was freaking out and of course Big wee one and Little wee one were just chillin' in the back. At one point a serious bolt of lightening and instant thunder rang over our heads and all big wee one can say (while we are trying to hide the fact that we just pooed ourselves) was, "Wow, did you hear that?" Noooo.
Of course we did! Everyone did!
We picked up Cousin A and she spent the weekend relaxing in the sand with us. Paul even took her out driving (in Grandma's car). Here are some pics and descriptions from our BEEE-U-Tiful afternoon at the beach.
Seriously, could that little hiney get any cuter?? I love the little ruffle! Heck, if I could get away with a little ruffle on my hiney, I would rock it, but mine would be more like, well...it would just be plain WRONG!
Isn't that sweet...going to fill the water bucket. Little wee one wasn't crazy about the big blue ocean, or the sand for that matter, but she looked cute trying to figure it all out. These are my toes, enjoying the moment.This was right about the time Big wee one scared me! She said, "Mom, I feel a big soft shell in my butt. Can you get it out?" I instantly thought she pooped herself. Oh, Great! But no...she just had sand EVERYWHERE!The only picture of me aloud. Can't see anything frightening :-)Cousin A was slightly skittish with the water. K and Big wee one doing some serious sand castle building. Little wee one, with her signature pucker of the lips decides she will just play in the sand from her lounge chair. Some guy in the back is staring...rude!This could be one reason why Big wee one felt like she had a soft mushy shell in her britches. She is a beach bum for sure!

Look at Little wee one invading her Daddy's space. She tried to avoid the sand at all costs! Stinker ;-)
After the beach we enjoyed some silly play time at Grandma's house. Look at that precious little smile. She's catching on the whole camera thing...it's just taking her about two years!

We'll finish the post with a pretty flower picture. The end :-)


Ramey and Stephanie said...

Y'all look like you're having a great summer! Looking forward to seeing you in September!
Luv & Hugs...

Dena said...

Beautiful pics as usual!! I'd totally rock the ruffle if I could too. LOL... ANd um you have a bikini on and you look awesome. I don't like you very much right now!