Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long weekend

What a completely relaxing long weekend we had! We hung out with a lot of friends in a couple of different garages (it's a man thang), and the kids stayed up late (a lot)...but we also just totally vegged in our pj's and hung with family.
Thursday, we hung with some friends that evening. Woke up Friday to get ready to enjoy a beautiful day at a friend's pool...and it RAINED! To top it off, the girl's slept for soooo long! We ended up not making it to the swimming party, but Big wee one woke up around 4:45 so we were able to get ready and head to another BBQ/garage party...hehe! We had a blast there, Paul has finally made some friends that he has really connected with and they like a lot of things that he does. It also helps that the wives are pretty cool :-)

My Uncle J and I played golf on Saturday afternoon...and now I have the bug! I played last night with a couple of friends and it was awesome! I haven't played with just women in a LONG time, basically since high school when I played for my school team. We had a blast, got some excercise walking the course, and finished off with a beverage. I can't wait to play again and I really can't wait until Paul's hand is completely healed so he can play too!

With the rain, the local fireworks were cancelled Friday evening, so we watched them Saturday. I took the girls to my parent's to veg for a bit, then I played golf with Uncle J (as previously stated) and then Paul came over and we had J's famous hamburgers for dinner. Little wee one fell alseep on the way home, so I took Big wee one out back to watch the fireworks from our backyard. Of course her bestie (and her parents) joined us :-) After every explosion Big wee one said, "That's big...WOW, that's really big". She's been sooooo funny lately with her attitude. Not bad attitude, just her girly attitude. Yesterday, I asked her to tell Little wee one to put a toy back outside. Apparently, Little wee one didn't listen, because I heard crying. I came over to evalutate the situation and Big wee one (with hands on her hips) said very matter of factly (makes me laugh just thinking about it), "I spanked her hiney, because she wasn't listening." I tried, tried...TRIED to tell her that she's not allowed to spank her hiney, but I couldn't stop laughing at how cute she looked with her hands on her hips and her attitude, like she was doing ME a favor. Awwwe man, she's gonna be a trip!

Back to the weekend...
Sunday, be honest, I don't remember what we did on Sunday. HA!! But, I know it wasn't much, because I don't think I really got dressed...probably just played outside. Oh...wait! hahaha...I remember. With the long weekend I was getting my days mixed up. We did just lounge all day and play. It was awesome. Big wee one is seriously into riding her bike All. The. Time. So she rode all day, I digi scrapped (FINALLYYYYYY!), Little wee one played and Paul tinkered on his jeep with his non-gimp hand. We hope he's completely healed soon. Or atleast get the thumbs up form the doc soon :-)
I feel like there is so much more to talk about, but I can't remember what. Humph...I'm losing my mind! I have my first HUGE, GIGANTIC event at work not this Saturday, but the next so I'm slightly stressed. The kind of stressed that makes you feel like you might vomit. I know everything will go fine, the committee that works with this event guarantees it. I mean some of these women have been on this committee for 20 years! They tell me that a lot of these people that help out "just know what to do", but when I've never done it before NEED to know what all these other people "just know". Confusing, I know, I just want to make sure that all of my I's are dotted and my T's are crossed. I'll keep everyone up to date, and hopefully I'll get my brain back in working order next week. To top it off, my sitter (have a BLAST K) will be gone all next week at the beach, so I'm figuring out who will be watching my kids. Oh goodness, let's not even go there, I'll get that feeling in my gut again...settle stallion! Tomorrow is another day :-)

Enjoy the pics!

K took this pic of Little wee one, she's been digging these ears, and it's so cute when she rocks them for hours on end :-)

This is a cool flower that is growing at my parent's house...isn't it pretty?


Anonymous said...

You my dear are just Mrs. Suburbia... I love it! Sounds like a wonderful chill weekend. Glad you had a nice time... Hope this week isn't to stressful for ya. Hang in there, I'm sure the event will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Just stopping in to check on the Flohr clan! Sounds like all is well- the girlies are as adorable as EVER! Glad y'all are enjoying summer! -Buffy