Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Fun

We've had a pretty fun summer thus far! I'm sure the fun will continue the last couple of weeks. Look for updates on Little wee one's birthday, she's 2!! Here are some pictures...enjoy :-)

We took the girls to play at Caledonia Park, they had a blast, but unfortunately, we haven't made it back (yet) to play again.
For Paul's birthday we celebrated with friends and Paul's favorite...CRABS!
Here's the birthday boy...look at that lavish cake...ha!
Here's the crowd, doesn't Paul look amused...lol
Mr. C is serious about these crabs!As the night went on, the pictures got funnier...here 's a shot of Paul and I and then a shot of Paul singing...there was a lot of singing going on!
He's struggling with a high note...lol We are always playing outside...so I added some random shots of that. This picture came out of the camera like this and it is so crazy looking! Little wee one looks possessed!
Here's the backyard crew doing what they do!
Little wee one's rendition of the splits...she's too funny!If you get a summer storm, you should always cool off by laying in the puddles!
Or stomp in them with your "doots" on.This was a serious summer storm! It killed all of our plants :(Little wee one is pretending to sleep...
Now Big wee one is pretending.
Here she really is supposed to be asleep! But of course, she isn't.
I, honestly think that Big wee one thinks she is a model. When I pull out the camera, she instantly strikes a pose! Here, she is thinking about the pose.
Now she is posing...she even boots Little wee one off of the table for more modeling room!

We heard whistles at Mimi & G-pa's house one afternoon, so we went on a little trip to discover what it was...it was a tractor show! I love free hillbilly fun! Tractor pulls and fatty foods.

Little wee one enjoyed a ride, while Big wee one enjoyed some ice cream.
I found Little wee one with this band-aid on her head, when I asked Big wee one what was up, she told me that she fell and bumped her head, so she helped her out by putting this band-aid on her boo-boo...what a great big sister!
Stay tuned for pics from Little wee one's birthday :-) And enjoy your last few days of summer!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful family as usual. And always having a fun time... I'm in the minority though because I CAN NOT wait until summer is over.. I'm such a fall/winter gal.. Can't take the heat anymore.

Oh and BTW my dear lil daughter also think's she's a super model. Constantly posing and looking in the mirror. Sometimes I think she needs to tone it down a bit! if you ask her who is the prettiest girl ever she always says BELLAAAAAAAAA !!!