Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Little wee one

Happy Birthday Little wee one!! I can't believe its been 2 years already. You are such an amazing little girl and you amaze us more and more everyday. Here's a look back at 2 years of you!
Your big sister loved you from the moment she saw you and still does. We are so lucky that you two get along as well as you do! I hope you stay best friends forever!You have been a Daddy's girl from day one!Minutes after you were born.

Love at first site!You are 6 days old in these pictures, weighing in at a little over 5 1/2 lbs. Sweetness.I believe this picture was taken in November...you are probably right around 3 monthish. Your first visit to the beach was Bald Head Island. I love beachy pictures! You were so good on this trip. You, were such a great baby, period.Santa! This was your second picture with Santa, the first one you were so tiny! Right after this picture was taken you burst into tears!Just being you. Sweet and simple.Your first Easter Egg hunt...you were exhausted!
There have been many times where we have caught you like this. You like to sleep! You have slept through the night pretty much since the day we brought you home. Especially when we moved you into your room around 1 month.
Arts and crafts...you love doing anything your big sister is doing, at this particular moment though, you were adding your own flare!
The first time you ever sat still and let me take your picture. Have I told you that I love you lately??
Having fun at the park. You have a few fears and a semi-weak stomach (hills in the car make you a little woozie), but you have no fear of slides!
Just being cute in your dress with your ice cream.
You are doing so many amazing things. At 2 you are now saying anything and everything we say! I must admit, I was nervous this day would never come, but you held all if it and now you can't be quiet :-)
You love to sleep with anything and attach yourself easily to different things. For awhile it was babies, now its "bwankies"...the newest one being my most favorite. Its a special blanket that Mimi & I made together. I cut all of my favorite outfits from your first year into blocks and Mimi sewed them together to make a blanket. It came out so perfect!
At 2 you love:
  • being outside and playing
  • coo-keys and ouce cweam
  • going to Mimi & "Pa's" house
  • fruit: apples, bananas (otherwise known as apples), grapes, strawberries and boobays (blueberries)
  • veggies: corn on the cob, cucumbers, tomatoes and sometimes greenbeans
  • singing and books
  • riding on "back-back"

Thank you Little wee one for being our BIG little surprise! We love you so much and can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!

Hugs, kisses and love forever...Mommy & Daddy


Anonymous said...

She's so precious! Mimi

Anonymous said...

Happy bday to your lil one... I can NOT believe she is already 2. Where does the time go? She's adorable... I think big wee one looks just like you and lil one looks just like your hubby... And your hospital pics are so precious. I wish I looked that good after birth. I was SCARY looking after both my births.. And how jealous that you have these tiny lil babies and I get babies that are always over 8lbs at birth! LOL