Thursday, September 25, 2008


This wee one is into everything. I can't do a thing. I turn around and she's got toothpaste out, or she's pulling out every single book we own. She also waks her sister with books and pulls her hair. Frustrating. Luckily, her teachers at Moms Day Out LOVE her and always tell me what a great child she is, and how well she plays by herself. I asked if she hits any of the other kids and they were appalled that I even You never know, I guess she just likes to take it out on her sister.

Big wee one is getting sassier by the second. This afternoon when I asked her to help clean up some toys she told me to, "Chill Out, I am on my cell phone." Nice. I'm sure I've told her to chill out, but the whole cell phone thing is her own invention ;-)

On the other hand she really cracks me up. The chill out comment was kind of funny and her expressions are hysterical and while talking on the phone to K tonight she was mimicking with her hands, pointing and what cute. She's a small person! At dinner she must have gotten a chill because she asked for a blanket and when I told her she didn't need a blanket she said, "Yes, I do. I'm very very cold!" I get that that might not sound all that cute, but you have to add the facial expressions and the hand movements...cracks me up! Like she's 30 or something.

This past weekend Paul and I went "wheelin'" with my brother and his girlfriend. It was a lot of fun. Paul broke his front light and Eric got stuck on a rock, and he busted his tire...sounds like fun Seriously, though, it was fun (minus the gnats, that part wasn't fun). Eric's girlfriend is really nice. She's great with the girls which, of course, is HUGE points with me. I hope they can make it work, since they'll be on different ships when they head back out to the deep blue sea, sea, sea.

Here we are going up a hill...isn't the sky a lovely shade of blue :-)
Going down the "bowl" (Eric & Deb)After Eric popped his tire. It's strange how proud they are...hmph. Lots of these things moving about. Urgh.Notice the gigantic spider web behind my head?? Not cool!Look you can't see me, because I'm a stick. WRONG! I see ya! You can't play tricks on me. I've got lots of time to pass while those guys change that tire.Group shot after lunch.This is just about the time Eric gets stuck. That thing is not budging.And then Mr. Muscles thinks this is going to help. Maybe it does...but I don't get it. He ends up wrapping that thick rope thing around his jeep and pulling him out that way.Uncle Airwick and Debra (whom Big wee one misses already...isn't that sweet) The guys like it when their tires "flex" like this.Rut-row...Juice gots a boo-boo. Nothing a little duct tape can't man handle!We finish with a nice scenic shot of the love birds on top of the mountain.
This time next week I'll be in Tejas! I'm super excited to see all my girlfriends! Gosh, I haven't seen Lele since she was prego with the bean and Jenny since I was about to bust with Big wee one. I miss you guys!! I'm also going to catch up with a bunch of ladies from our old stompin' ground. Fun Fun!! It will be a long drive, but Paul and I will get some much needed regrouping time and of course practice our singing to the Dixie Chicks.

Lots going on in this post. Guess that happens when you don't update more then once in a week. Monday, we visited a farm. Both of the girls loved it! And the milk and cookies at the end were a big hit. Last night (Wednesday night) was the MOMS Night Out, which was a TON of fun! We had our annual scavenger hunt and it was a riot! I have some of the best friends in this club and as a whole the group is amazing. At one point in the night we all broke out into the Rocky theme was awesome! All day today I was chuckling about little things that happened last night. It's such a relief to know that I can turn to these ladies when my day is crappy or get a phone call from one just wishing me a happy day. Aww, ok, enough sap...I love ya ladies!

Big wee one and one of her besties "K"...aren't they sweet:-) Minus my child's mess of a hair! She's on a farm, that's what farm girls look like right? In their "Sarah Plain and Tall Dresses" and rag-a-muffin hair-dos. She thinks that's going to make me pick her up. She's wrong. That's a little sweeter. Nice teets behind her! ha! Hand in hand, two little girls go. The dark lady in front, she's from Hawaii. She was showing us pics of her surfing with one of her grandaughters and then that same grandaughter asleep on a surf board. How cool is that?! I thought it was pretty cool. She's rockin' a serious tan!These are mom cows about to go into labor. I bet they were feeling some pain. I think one of them lost her mucus plug while we were there. LOL...that reminds me of a funny story. NO! Not about me. Gross.Milk, It does a body good. And no, brown cows don't make chocolate milk...the farmer said so.Have a MOOOOValous night :-) knew I had to!
I have to get ready for the Grey's Anatomy 2 hour season premiere.


Marie said...

lily would go CRAZY over seeing cows that close up! and i have a 30 year old too ;P

kim said...

what a good day to check out your blog! I get to see my katester!! I'll make sure to show her tomorrow. also, was she the one that riddy was talking to on her cell when she was talking to "K"? is that what she calls her? how cute! have a great time in TX!

Lexie (LeLe) said...

Just to remind you, we saw each other when yours was 6months and mine was a year you not remember??

Love the cow pictures! You know me and my liking of the Dairy Industry.

see you soon.