Thursday, September 18, 2008

Short and Sweet

I'm tired tonight, but I wanted to post these two pictures. My two wee ones. Two polar opposites. Two stinkers who make me laugh and cry. Two little munchkins that I can't get enough of. Who make me so mad one minute and laugh out loud the next.
The picture of Big wee one is from the first day of school. She's usually willing to give me a great smile. She loves to pose for the camera, after this picture came a lot of posing with her lunch box.This picture of Little wee one is the 2nd day of school. She wasn't too cooperative on the first day and as you can see, she wasn't thrilled with me shoving the camera in her face the second day. Though, I did ask if she would go sit next to this window so I could get good light and she did. Bummer she didn't want to follow that up with a great big beautiful smile :-)

Good thing that face makes me smile. So does this video clip. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I do like to torture my kids. Little wee one is going through this stage where she doesn't like me to sing (can't blame her) so she'll give me the "look" and then follow it up with a "sh. be quiet". I taunted her on video so you could see it too (isn't that nice of me) :-) Take note of the look and then the in my face approach to be quiet :-)

*A friend's mother-in-law once asked me if I was a singer...obviously she has not seen this video. And yes, she was serious!


The Pursifull Family said...

Hey TIna...just wondering what are you wearing to the Elk's??? I am not sure what to wear! Melissa

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Hi Tina!

I love the video! Gosh, you are a darn good photographer! I want so badly to get Rachel's 1st year pictures done and don't know where to go especially now with my job situation! I sure wish you lived closer.

I will call you this week!


Marie said...

oh my goodness they are too cute...and so are you :)

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE your blog? Anyway, just stopping by to see how the Flohrs are doing- can you believe the kiddos are in preschool already? -Buffy

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Too cute, Tina. Your little girls are darling! What a happy thing to look at on your blog.


The Wolfe Family said...

Too cute!!! Sometimes it's so funny when we make them mad=)