Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lotta, lotta, LOTTA stuff...

What a week!

The girls started school this week (sorry, I haven't downloaded those pics yet, but I'll post them once I do), and dance. Big wee one did great, with both, as well as Little wee one; though Little wee one wasn't thrilled with dance. I can't really blame her. The instructor had NO rythm, she couldn't clap to the beat at all and her dancing was pretty blah, I understand it's little people, but still you should be able to catch a beat...right? To top it off, Little wee one was crying and she pretty much avoided us (it was a Mommy & Me class) like the plaque, and it's not the class was full, there was one other mom and child there. I was slightly annoyed with that. The instructor interacted with the other child and would "dance" up to her, but not once did she try to get Little one involved. So, I think we'll hold off on Little wee one's dance class, but keep Big one in. We were able to watch her on the tv while she danced and she was lovin' it!

My oldest brother came in this week with his girlfriend. He tried to surprise me, which he did, but I caught on quickly! He called my cell asking all kinds of weird questions, like "Where is your office again?" and "When do you have lunch?" obvious signs that he was in route ;-) Sure enough, I walked up my work stairs to call him to let him know that I really did know that he was in town and there he was! ha! I got to meet his girlfriend, who seems extremely nice, and after dinner on Thursday night, we haven't seen him since...hmmmm, hope he's enjoying his vaca.

Yesterday, Paul changed Little wee one's crib into a big girl bed, and I am happy to report that she did excellent last night and only managed to roll out of bed once :-) I need to get those bed rail things (Mom of the Eventually we are going to put the girls in the same room and put all their toys into the extra room, hopefully that will clear up some of the clutter I feel is surrounding me right now.

This morning was very productive. I finished editing my friend's pictures of her daughter and I completely cleaned out all of Little wee one's clothes, put them in a bag and will be giving them away tomorrow. I now have room in their closets for the next round of clothes, and I still have to go through Big wee one's clothes. It feels good though, to get rid of all those little clothes.

My next mission is to go through my paper scrapbooking stuff and pack that up. I am finally selling my scrap cubes, so if you want or need any paper materials, let me know! Digital is the way for me :-)

We'll finish with some pictures of the little cutey :-) and some LOs I've done lately, and then while the girls are sleeping I'm going to digi scrap! Fall lacrosse started today, so Paul is out for the afternoon...scrap happy :-)

Have a great week!Isn't she like a little cute!

Thanks for letting me take your pictures again this year :-)
My first "white paper" page...I hardly ever do pages using a white background, but I kind of like it, so I might try it again.This page was for a LO challenge using neon colors.This 2 page LO is Little wee one's first year :-) Thanks for peeking :-)


The Pursifull Family said...

Cute pictures!!!

Lexie said...

I keep telling myself to digi scrap everytime I see your latest LOs, good as usual. Maybe one day. My paper scrap stuff has turned into Arts&Crafts for Emma. Hello to Eric from the Brinks if you see him again. See you soon. My love to the girls :)