Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. This morning while getting ready I heard Big wee one say to Little wee one..."You da' man!" Cracked me up!
  2. Yesterday was Grandma's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!
  3. I love my husband so much! He does drive me crazy at times and I know that I drive him crazy, but yesterday was Wife Appreciation Day and he got me a small little gift...he's so cute. Did you know it was Wife Appreciation Day??
  4. I leave in 2 weeks for TX...so if you graduated from NL in '98 leave me a comment for reunion details. Our list of RSVP's is growing :-) I also need to confirm up some last minute details on that.
  5. My work menu includes, a cup of coffee for breakfast, maybe a handful of cereal and an apple for lunch :-) An apple a day keeps the dr. away.
  6. Speaking of dr's...mine called last week. I need to call him back and FINALLY schedule my follow-up appointments. I missed them due to my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration back in May.
  7. I have a Hispanic Business Meeting in about 10 minutes and I'm sitting here blogging. Luckily, I have everything ready from last month's Hispanic Business Meeting. **Meeting went super well and the attendance was awesome! Not a seat left in the boardroom and as some left, more came in to fill those seats! Makes me want to make enchiladas for dinner tonight...YUM**
  8. I LOVE my job! I love strolling the streets and talking to store owners. I love planning stuff and working out details. I love strolling the streets and talking to store owners. I love the people, and I love strolling the streets....rrrrr...did I just say that? LOL
  9. The monthly crop is this Friday. I'm excited! Hopefully we have enough to book the store, otherwise, we'll be crashing someone's house. Note to self: call the scrapbook store and see how many she needs, maybe she'll let us scrap with the amount we have??
  10. Little wee one was screaming in the car this morning when I was driving them to the sitter's house. She stopped to take a breath and said, "Mommy, funny?!" She thinks she's hysterical! Stinker!

Have a great Tuesday...catch ya on the flip side :-)


Lexie said...

You need to eat more for lunch!

brownblog said...

Your girls are hillarious. I hope you all have a great time at your reunion. Have a good day!