Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nacho Momma & Reunion

I made nachos for dinner last night, and they were good. Not something I make on a regular basis, but they were calling so I headed to the 'ol Wolly World to get some Velveeta. What are nachos without Velveeta?? That's what I thought ;-)

During our extravagant dinner (Big wee one insisted we eat outside, in the extreme heat with nasty flies, which both girls yelled and swatted at the whole time and then a bee landed on Big wee ones plate, but...that's awhole nother story), back to what I was saying; Big wee one turns to me during dinner, opens her mouth and points inside and says, "Mhmmm...that bite was good Mommy. Nachos are my faaavooorite!" Guess she liked them :-) *sigh* Makes a mom proud with those types of manners.
We had a pretty fun Labor Day Weekend. Paul packed the car while I packed snacks, toys, videos, blankies, brown bears, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, oh and polly pockets. All of which stuffed the back seat, annoyed Paul with the clutter and caused for a terribly annoying 5 hour (I was told it was going to be 3, BUT...) car trip down to Lynchburg, VA for the White Family Reunion. This was my first time attending the reunion, which consists of family from my mother-in-laws side. Basically, one of her aunts and lots and lots of cousins. All kinds of cousins! Some that have been once removed and then times 2. Lots of 'em. All of them are cousins of some form. Which means, for Big wee one, who is really into who everyone is in relation to her or the people she knows (ie: Mimi is Mommy's Mom, and Uncle E is Mommy's brother) this was amazing. She kept asking where her cousin everywhere, their everywhere! She did meet some young cousins that she was excited to play with all day!

It was cool to meet all of Paul's cousins and get to know them. I was a little nervous at first, to go, just because I had no clue what to expect. God bless my mother-in-law (you know I love you!) but she can work you up about people and what your thoughts are may not always match who the person is, once you actually meet them. If that made anysense?? Anti-who, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming! I'll be delighted to go back next year, pop the cap off a cerveza and enjoy the weekend with family. Thanks everyone! We had a great time.

I also got to meet Paul's grandfather. I went to his gravesite, introduced myself and had a few personal moments with him. It was nice. Paul and I got married on the anniversary of his death in 2003...he was an extremely important person in Paul's life. Big wee one even laid a flower on his headstone.

We were so happy to be back home. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We stayed in a hotel room with the girls (of course), and the first night Little wee one layed in the pack-n-play and sang, yelled and said, "Ni-ni, luv eww, ni ni" over and over! It was really cute and sweet, but man the girl would not go to sleep. After about 30 minutes of that, Paul turned off the game on the tv and she fell asleep. Through-out the whole event, Big wee one was "shshing" her, but that didnt' work. She's so funny.

Here are pics from our fun weekend...
Big wee one was crowned queen of the reunion. She was thrilled to wear a tiara ALL day and then all the way home and then all the next day, until this morning when it broke. (Daddy's going to fix it)

Little wee one was making new friends and enjoying the babes and their toys. She was all over the place! No need to worry where mommy is, when there are babies to kiss and hands to shake.
Let me introduce you to Zoe. Adorable. The newest addition to the White Family Reunion and very photogenic! I couldn't stop taking her picture...seriously, just ask her mom, she was probably thinking, "Get your camera out of her face"...I couldn't help it. Promise I will send you some copies :-)
I'm not sure this is something they do every year, but here are lots of cousins singing the "Dixie" song. It was comical, with dance moves and all :-)
Just the girls being girls. I couldn't get a picture of Little wee one looking or smiling at me the whole day! I still got some pics of her being cute, she loves limes, and I got a semi-smile lime face ;-)Towards the end of the evening, I realized I didn't have any pics of these cousins playing together. See the glow necklaces the two older girls are playing with? A little later on Little wee one will bite into of these, kind of throw up glow in the dark stuff and gag...quite an event. Don't worry, the package said the "stuff" was non-toxic...phewwww!
If you made it all the way through this entry, good for you! Thanks for hanging in there and have a great night! Happy trails...

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Ramey and Stephanie said...

Gotta love those family reunions with all the people you're related to but haven't the faintest idea how. I can't wait to see you! You girls are just growing up so much. When are you having another sweet lil' blessing?? :) You have to make your family an odd number. We're in trouble if we have another cuz I'll have to have one more to make it odd. Love & hugs!