Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ten Things.

Here I am copying another blogger...she posted 10 Things on Tuesday. I'm just going to post 10 things today :-) And maybe I'll remember to do it again another day.

  1. I never mentions my girl's names, well at least I try not to, but for sake of the story here goes: Little wee one calls Big wee one "ReeRee" and everytime she does Big wee one says, "My name is NOT ReeRee it's Rid-DEE" (must put emphasis on the DEE)

  2. I had coffee with 2 girlfriends this morning, and while sitting there it occured to me that "catching up" may become our new friendship. Since we all have kids in some form of school and we are all working now. *sigh* this job thing is taking up way too much time

  3. I ordered 2 photo books off of shutterfly this evening and got them both on sale and then saved even more when I googled "shutterfly coupon code"...SCORE! I sent one to my father-in-law and one I will bring to show off my girls when I head back to Pari' for my HS reunion.

  4. (Might be TMI) but my "girly cycle" has been a little wack the past, oh I don't know 2 years, and I've been nervous the past week or so that I might be preggers...I'm NOT! Phew....not that I'm totally against having another child, I'm just not ready right now. I'll get back to you on that in another 2 years or so.

  5. My biggest brother comes home next week (sometime around the 18th)...he's bringing his girlfriend. Wonder if she knows she'll be tested by me the whole time. I'm the only sister (not including sister-in-laws, you ROCK Jess!!) so who my brothers date have to get clearance (or so I think) by me. I mean, its cool that they like you, but seriously, I have to like you

  6. Monday school starts! We had orientation Friday night and Little wee one stormed her way into her classroom to play with the toys, while Big wee one walked hand in hand with Daddy, saw all the people (and chaos) and ran back out!

  7. Big wee one is doing EXCELLENT with letter recognition, can spell a couple of small words and can read those words when they are in front of her. She LOVES books, and thankfully Little wee one is catching on.

  8. Today was a pretty boring day and lazy day. It rained all day, so we hung inside and lounged. The girls slept, so I headed to Targe' to buy new bath mats and frames for our bathroom (I'm doing a new black & white theme). We've had the white shower curtain, and I wanted the bath mats and then I saw black frames on sale (2 for $2.48) so I had to get those! I ordered prints from shutterfly (to pick up at Target tomorrow morning) of some pretty flower pictures I've taken to add a splash of color to the bathroom.

  9. I took some pics of my friend's little girl for her 5th birthday. I did her 4 year pics last year...she's changed a LOT! Her face isn't chubby anymore, like a little girl, she's starting to look like, hmmm, I guess like she will when she's older. Crazy! She's a cutie though!
  10. Above is last year, below is this year

  11. I finished the scrap challenge for our scrap group. If you'd like to do it, it's below :-) I think if you click on the picture it will link it to a larger version. If not message me and I'll email it to you.

The life of a mom on a Saturday night...heading downstairs to get a bowl of cereal with my man :-)


Marie said...

hooray for ten on tuesday! :)

Anonymous said...

Tina- just stopping in to say HELLO! And I LOVE your blog- always enjoy your posts! Good luck with starting school!!! -Buffy

Anonymous said...

very cute!!! Bella doesn't start school till the 15th, we both can't wait... Your posts make me smile.. ANd too bad you don't live closer cause I'd pay you to take some pics of my kiddies. I love how do them!