Monday, September 29, 2008

Night Time Conversation

While some are tucking in their wee ones, saying sweet little prayers before drifting off to dream land. Preparing for visions of marshmallow clouds and delicious chocolate dreams. This is what Big wee one and I were talking about:

Big Wee One: "Girls make toots and boys make toots"

Mommy: "That's right they do. Do Mimi's make toots?" (lol...sorry mom...hehehe)

Big Wee One: "Oh no. Nope, Mimi's don't make toots silly." (Phewww...thank goodness!)

Hehehe....Mondays ;-)

This is Big Wee One circa 2006...the girl loves fashion. And so what...her shoes on the wrong foot, it adds Bet she's not tootin' in this outfit. The life of a mom ;-)

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