Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Eeekkk...I still have 10 things to do (if not more) before leaving for Texas tomorrow. In no particular order, here they are:
  1. PACK! Everything...clothes, makeup, hair accesories, jewelry, skivvies...all of it.

  2. Deliver sandwich board signs to a couple of my work cronies downtown. Our last First Friday event is this Friday.

  3. PACK....my reading materials for the ride, camera and charger, repack a new purse...ugh

  4. Clean my bathrooms

  5. Do the minutes from the September DBC Meeting

  6. Kiss my girls 1001 times and then some, because I'm going to miss them uberly! *sigh*

  7. Change the sheets on my bed and put my duve cover on for my in-laws, who are staying at our casa while we are gone to watch the wee ones.

  8. PACK...so what, I've said it already, I get it...but I really haven't packed a thing.

  9. Paint my toenails and file my broken nail.

  10. Email the superindent of my HS and give him a head count for football tickets, call the HS and let them know folks will be going to the pep-rally and then call the dinner place, give and give them a head count on meal choices.

  11. Oh wait, I'm not done...drive my in-laws around town and show them the places to be and when to be there.

  12. Kiss the girls some more and put away their clothes that I folded this evening.

Ok, well, I'm POSITIVE there is more to do, but I won't have time to do it all, so it just might not get done. The world will go on...good night and maybe if I get the chance I'll send a little hello from Tejas :-)

Flashing back to the '06...Princess Fairy big wee one and the Little one who adores her...cuteness.

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