Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I am thankful for:

  • my loving husband and two adorable little girls...who may drive me crazy at times, but what's life without a little hectic in it??
  • the roof over my head and the clothes on my back
  • my parents and my in-laws...both wonderful in their own ways
  • my brothers and sister-in-law...and my niece, i miss them all terribly
  • my friends, who sometimes are the only people that make any sense in my life (as in they get that my kids aren't perfect and that sometimes i just cry)
  • our babysitter, who loves the girls and the girls love her
  • digi scrapping and the girls who dig it with me :-)
  • cameras for catpuring all the special moments in life
  • my new oven...for not setting off the fire alarm all the time!
  • my job and the people i work with
  • life in general...sometimes i think i have it bad, but then look around me and realize that life isn't so bad after all and that it could be much MUCH worse.

I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day. We'll be leaving shortly to head down to the beach to spend turkey day with Paul's mom and step-dad. It will be nice to get away, I just hope the girls are in delightful moods!

I've been baking since last night...I love this time of year, for all its baking glory :-)

Here are some pictures of the girls off of my mom's camera. Travel safely and eat lots of good stuff!

And a sweet little video of Paul and Little wee one...I'm not sure why Paul starts rapping about a knife, and I think its funny when LWO looks at the camera and says, "Cheeese".

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