Monday, December 1, 2008

Self Serve Breakfast

This morning, I could hear the girls playing nicely when I woke up, so I jumped in the shower before I could distract them. A nice quiet shower with no interuptions. When I got out, it was still quiet. A little too, quiet. I went to investigate, and this is what I found:

(Please excuse the horrid bare walls and the mess on the floor behind the table, we are clearing out some stuff, and, well...I'm slow at it)

Big wee one decided to make breakfast, which included the following: a nice little napkin in front of each girl with a small grouping of chips, marshmallows and crackers. Healthy! Noggin was playing on the boob-tube, and everyone was delightful. Oh, and Little wee one was naked. A new trend for her these days. She's just itching for me to potty train her, and I plan on doing that soon (probably around Christmas), don't you just love her hair! It has that fresh rolled out of bed look to it. Big wee one is already dressed as well in her finest summer tank dress...yes, when she was busy entertaining herself this morning, I snuck into her room and packed the rest of her warm weather dresses away!

We are prepping for Christmas and will start decorating this week! YEAHHH!! I love Christmas ;-) I've been listening (as sickening as it is to some of you!) to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving. Our friend Cathy gave us her old tree, so this will be the first year that we'll have a big tree and not our little 4ft tree. When I asked if Big wee one was excited about a big tree she said, "No...our tree is supposed to be little." It makes me feel a little better that she isn't upset about not having a larger tree in the past, she really didn't care at all.

I've been getting requests for Christmas gifts for the past 8 months, but in the past month Big wee one has narrowed it down to: Barbies. That's it...specifically the holiday barbie with the long eyelashes (though she doesn't mention it on the video below), but really, any barbie would delight her. Little wee one has asked for a baby and a baby bed. All things I think we can handle this year :-)

Tomorrow morning, Paul and I will wake up before the sunrises to get the girls to their favorite sitter and then head up to Hershey. I'll have another MRI done and then meet with my neurologist to go over any new plans for my AVM (notice how I talk in 3rd person in that I'm not sure what they will say, but I personally don't think much has changed with it. They said they were able to shrink about 50% of it, but to me, visually, it looks the same. We shall see. IF I do have to have another surgery, it won't happen until after the new year and I'm hoping in either February or March. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted :-)

I hope you like our new soon as I get the girl's santa picture back, I'll put that up there as well :-) This picture was taken last night, we made chocolate chip cookies. YUM!


Sean and Julie said...

You amaze me!! You are super talented and I don't know how you have the time to do what you do!! Your girls are absolutely beautiful and I love hearing the stories about their adventures!! It makes me excited for Kaia's future! Good luck tomorrow!

Marie said...

hahahahahahahahahaha. oh they make me laugh :)

we are ALL decorated over here :)

wanna ACTUALLY scrap soon? ;p

good luck with your appointment. let's hope for no surgery...

AmyB said...

Yikes...let's just pray you don't need to do that again! I love that BWO wants a Barbie...and a Barbie...and a Barbie. My niece saw the Barbie-something Diamond Castle on TV the other day and asked me if I would buy it for her for Christmas. I can hardly say no! My, the Barbie paraphenalia has gotten pricey these days! OK, enough rambling about Barbies :)

Dena said...


And good luck w/ your appt...

Anonymous said...

So funny! Your girls are so cute and entertaining!!! How as your doctor appointment this morning? thinking of you!!!! -Buffy