Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the 10th Day {before} Christmas

We had visions of a white ChristmasOh, Wee little one, you LOVED the snow! You were excited to get your snow gear on, and were anxious to get outside. I didn't think you would like it, since last year didn't go so well. You proved me wrong...you ran outside, wait...you waddled like a penguin outside with Daddy and Big wee one. You wanted to eat the snow and once Daddy made sure to show you how to pick clean snow, you went to town! You ran down the hill (kind of) and then slowly made your way back up. You helped make a snowman, well, you ate the body as Daddy and our friend Maddie packed the snow, but you were there for encouragment. I love this age and I love you!

Big wee one, you also LOVE the snow. You have pretty muched loved the snow from the day you were born...I attribute that to being born in the north and in January. How could you not love the cold weather?? You were being fiesty when we finally got you dressed. I think it's because we couldn't find you snow boots right away and then when we did they didn't fit. No biggie, doubling up on socks and rain boots will do the trick. You and Maddie ran and threw snowballs, made snow angels and ate a lot of snow! At one point you were laying face down eating the snow!
When your hands were finally frozen, we headed inside to color and have hot chocolate with fluff...one of your favorites! Who am I kidding...we all love that fluff!
Now...let's just hope the white stuff sticks around for Christmas!

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Marie said...

yea! i loved this snow :)