Monday, December 15, 2008

On the 11th Day {before} Christmas

There was much chub to cherish!

And whenever this is around, it means I'm surrounding by friends!

Tonight, the girls and I had our 6 week hair fix up. A fun night were we share food, lots of kids and get our hair done. The memories we are building will last in us forever...even if it seems chaotic to some, it's our lives and what we are used to.

This hair color is just in time for the holiday season, that's how it gets to fit into the series of before Christmas specials.

Thanks for the fun tonight ladies, and for helping me to feel better; or at least letting me talk about how sick I've been...sorry about that. Let's meet back again in 6 weeks :-)


Marie said...

oh the chub-so stinking cute :)

sara said...

That chub is mine! She so darn loveable! I had a good time last night too....
Hope you are feeling better!