Monday, December 15, 2008

On the 12th Day {before} Christmas

We baked and baked and baked.

We made cookies galore, that flowed out the front door.
We laughed and we giggled.
Ate so much that we jiggled.
Made memories to last us forever and ever,
And decorated sugar cookies ever so clever.
You wee little ones are getting so big,
I laugh so hard when you sing your Santa jig.
Mimi and Mommy made memories to last,
baking these same cookies and eating them fast.
Just don't forget to share,
tis the season for giving...
and you don't want to leave your stomach for grieving.

I love you little munchkins so much and I am so happy that you are really into the holiday spirit. Little wee one yelling, "I see Santa!" whenever you see him, and Big wee one asking to listen to Christmas carols. I could squeeze you both! This cookie making day was filled with a gingerbread house, lots of sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, cake balls, fudge, and pecan tansies...I'm sure there will be more follow :-)
Big wee one, you really loved decorating cookies and you were so good at it too! I was uber impressed with your icing skills. Little wee one, you loved to lick the icing off and run around the house listening to the reindeer cheerleader (It's hot, it's hot, it's hot in here, there must be a reindeer in the atmosphere). Thank you for being so special and sharing this special day with Mimi and me.
i'll be doing a new picture each day, but don't expect poetic justice each day...ha!

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Jenny said...

Your cookies look great!!!