Friday, December 19, 2008

On the 8th Day {before} Christmas

I went to a wiggidy wiggidy wack wrapping party!

My girlfriend Marie, who turned me onto this whole "12 Days Before Christmas" adventure, invited me over for a wrapping party last night. Fabulous idea!

Who wants to sit at home, wrapping by themselves, when you can drink wine, enjoy butterscotch dip and cakeballs with friends?

I got all of my gifts wrapped (that I have purchased thus far...yes, Christmas is 7 days away and No, I am not done yet), which wasn't a whole lot in about 3 hours.

One friend of ours, has 6 kids, her husband and some others to wrap for and finished all but her two youngest in RECORD TIME! Seriously, she was a wrapping MA-CHINE! I'm envious of her wrapping skillz.

I, on the other hand, am slower then molasses...I'm a little anal, I like all my creases to be nice and crisp. I cut all my tags out (thanks Marie for the awesome tags you gave us!), and made bows for each gift. I don't know why when it's all just going to get torn to shreds...I guess I just like the pretty look under the tree. Add to it that I was chit-chatting, nibbling on my snacks and looking at the great gift ideas they got their kids, naturally made me a little slow :-)

Thanks for a nice night out year tacky sweaters all the way!


Marie said...

hee hee :) oh and i MUST HAVE the recipe for those cake balls :)

The Wise Family said...

Next year, ugly sweater, one more kid to wrap for, and WINE FOR ME TOO!!! Something to look forward to amidst the drudgery... :)