Friday, December 19, 2008

On the 7th Day {before} Christmas

Big wee one sang a song or two...
This afternoon, I went to Big wee one's school (Mother's Day Out) and watched her class's Christmas performance. They sang a couple of songs and a magician performed some tricks, and then everyone sang some songs together.
It was nice, and simple.
Big wee one, you were EXHAUSTED! You've become accustomed to this horrible habit of waking up in the early (EARLY) morning hours, going downstairs and watching tv. I'm talking 4:30 am if not earlier! So, needless to say, you were exhausted at this point in the day and you weren't really into the singing. I don't know if it's because I kept signaling for you to take your hands out of your mouth or what, but the best part of the Jesus' birthday party (for you) was the jingle bell song and the cake!
Oh, and for everyone out there who might read this...I did fix her hair this morning. She took her cute little ponytail out so that her friend could "fix" her hair (once she got to school and I left). Hence the rag-a-muffin, no brushed/fixed do that she's sporting. It took every ounce of my being not to walk up to her on the stage, infront of the audience and mend that squirrel's nest we call her hair. The close up of her tired eyes are during the cake eating part of the party, so I was able to pull her hair out of her face for that...thank goodness.
You were worn out and "rested" for about 20 minutes while we drove around to pick up Little wee one. I don't know how you manage your wild "social" life, but the early wake-up times have got to end. Hopefully it will SOON!
You were still precious up on the stage, even if "singing makes you feel tired".

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