Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the Eve of Christmas

We enjoyed the day with friends & family.

The girls started the day with a party at their babysitter's house. They LOVE to go to Melissa's house and were thrilled to be going this morning and getting presents! Can the day get any better you ask?

Well certainly!

After we came home, rested and cleaned up some, we headed over to Mimi & G-pa's house for Christmas. Big wee one was exhausted, but maintaned a pretty level head throughout the evening. If you know her, you know this was difficult, but she has the big man watching her (still) so she knew she had to stay "delightful".

All of us walked away with a good stash of gifts! Some highlights included, but were not limited to: Big wee one: a new camera, barbie, barbie car and barbie case (mega barbie case, has wheels, compartments and holds 15 barbies for your traveling pleasure :-) ). For Little wee one: baby and the baby's bed...hands down, the best gift of the evening! She toted that doll and bed around all night, putting the baby to sleep and then showing her all of the other gifts she received.

I, received an awesome hat (I'm a hat person), new pants, face wash, toothbrush (motorized), and my Unlce Jay made us a really cool wooden name plaque (one for the family and one for each of the girls).

Paul received clothes, a money clip with his name enscribed on it, motorized toothbrush, new belts, and I'm sure some other things that I missed. Opening presents with two little people is exciting, it's easy to miss some gifts that other's received.

Now that Big wee one is into the spirit of things, I overheard her tell Little wee one that she was, "Just so excited...". It was so sweet!

Both girls were great at handing out gifts, playing with their gifts, saying thank you and just being little sweethearts in general. What a nice, relaxing night with family. The best way to spend Christmas!

We did get some bad news though: Please say a prayer for my Uncle Jay. Two years ago, he went through some major colon cancer issues and though it has been a battle, he has been feeling great! Recent blood test results, that he received just today, show that his tumor levels are UP! From a 3.5 (normal) to a 45, which shows that there is cancer in his body somewhere. He'll go this week for more testing, but please keep him in his prayers...we want him to stay around for a VERY LONG TIME!

Sweet dreams to all, and to all a good night. I think I hear Santa getting into some cookies downstairs ;-)

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