Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the 3rd Day {before} Christmas

A GIANT Elf stopped by for a visit!

Knock, Knock...there's a tap on the door
Tina yells, "COME IN" and runs on the floor
She peers out the window, and what does she see?
A Big GIANT Elf, and she tries not to pee.
Oh me! Oh my...is it for real?
It is, it is...an elf, the real deal!

OK, I'm done with the rhyming, you get the point.
I thought I was seeing something when I looked out the window and saw Chris standing on our doorstep dressed...as an ELF! Mr. Chris, is an assistant DA in Chambersburg, and yes...he walked from his house to ours with this get-up on and wore it at the courthouse today! It doesn't really surprise me, Mr. Chris is pretty funny, and I'm sure he thought the girls would get a kick out of his elf gear; I know I did. He looked HUGE in our house dressed as an elf. He sat through dinner with the hat on, and the shoes. Seriously, it was very amusing. Big wee one had to draw him as soon as he left, and then asked all kinds of questions about elves and Santa's helpers and about how Mr. Chris wasn't a "real" Santa's helper (was he??).
What a funny night!
Shout out to Mrs. Schellhorn who made this get-up for Chris for covering up the important parts...that jacket hits in just the right places! Phewww...
LOL...I keep scrolling back up while typing, and everytime I do, it makes me laugh. He just looks so gigantic in our house...and he's an ELF!
Chris coaches lacrosse with Paul at the high school and both of the girls think he hung the moon, along with Tara, his main squeeze.


Tara said...

Too funny! So sad I missed it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jenny said...

That's hilarious! Sounds like you guys live in a place that's pretty fun! Merry Christmas!