Sunday, December 7, 2008

Want to take a ride?

On the sick train??

Yup...the train has stopped at our house yet again! Big wee one wasn't feeling so hot Thursday into Friday, and when I picked her up on Friday her sitter said she was laying in the playing room. LAYING? Totally not like her, so I took her home, took her temp and she sure enough she had a fever.

I called and got her an appointment for Saturday morning at the dr's office and then made her a snuggly bed on the couch. I had to work Friday night, so I didn't get to snuggle with her, but Paul did :-)

Downtown Chambersburg all lit up for Candle Night.
Saturday morning came, I took her to the dr's and she has another ear infection (which I figured when I took her temp with the ear themometer, she burst into tears!) and strep throat :( We headed to Target, got her some meds and soup and went home to settle in for the day. She slept for a good part of the day and when she woke up for the evening we decorated the tree.Nothing like a nap in Mommy's bed when you are sick!
We were able to do some ornament decorating before she started feeling too sick. Daddy colored this reindeer.

I gave her, her second dose of medicine for the day and about half an hour later she threw up. That continued for the next 2+ hours, and then again in the middle of the night, and early this morning and then after I got her to eat a couple of bites of toast. Lovely.

She's now zonked on the couch and it looks like I'm going to pull the laptop out and do a little digi scrapping. We'll be home tomorrow too, and then I have to go into work when Paul gets home to prep for our cookie contest (entries are due tomorrow). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Little wee one doesn't want to take a ride on the train and that Paul and I avoid the train as well. We are all a little bummed since we were going to go to Mimi's today and make a gingerbread house...guess we'll have to do it next weekend.

My scrapping progress thus far.
Have a healthy week!


Ramey and Stephanie said...

That is soooooo sad. I hate- hate- hate- when wee ones are sick. Hope she's on the mend quick. :) We've been oh- so- lucky thus far. I DID update the ol' blog. ;) Yours is so jolly and bright. You are sooo creative Tina. I'm glad you don't live near me. You would intimidate me to all get out. HEE.
Love ya gal.

Jac and Marcel said...

Hope everyone's getting healthy again. I love your new header; it's so festive! Chambersburg looks like a beautiful place to live!