Thursday, December 4, 2008

Four years of Santa

We've been visiting the same Santa for 4 years now and we just love him! He's so great with the girls and patient. He remembers them from year to year...I must admit that I think its because they are so stinking cute.

So, here are the last 4 years, filling Santa in on what we want for Christmas. What do you think they asked for this year? LOL (see previous post).

Big wee one looked like a little elf the first year she went. The photographer STILL talks about their first meeting. was really sweet, and she wasn't scared at all.

The second year, added a new addition (Little wee one) and Mimi :-) I have a picture of the two wee ones with Santa, but it's in a frame and I didn't feel like taking it out to take a picture of it.
Here is Little wee one with her first Santa picture. All smiles (and that hasn't happened since!)
Big wee one wasn't scared in this picture, she just wasn't in the mood to smile. Little wee one immediately BURST into tears as soon as this picture was taken. We didn't even try to get anymore after the first one. I did get some of Big wee one though, she just had this sweet little chubby cheek look to her that year.
And here we are, this year. Big wee one practiced her "perfect" smile all morning and faithfully did her duty of smiling for the camera. Even though this smile is a little week, I bet her cheeks where hurting...hehe. Little wee one did not want to have any part in this picture, so I bribed her with cookies and candy canes. No smiles, but at least she's not crying! A lot of the pictures she has that I want to cry look to her. Don't you love how well they coordinate with the background this year. :-) Sorry the picture has a glare, that's what happens when you take a picture of a picture.
Merry Christmas!!


Jenny said...

Very cute! That's a good looking Santa...I have found some are scary! Lol!

Jessica said...

Breaks my heart to see how big my nieces are getting....I miss them so much!!