Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 on Tuesday

  1. I tricked my girl into eating greenbean tacos tonight! Whoosha Momma??

  2. Everytime Big wee one sees Barack Obama on tv she says, "Look there's Rock Obama of the United States."

  3. I'm still doing pretty good on my new year's resolution of being a better domestic goddess...I've been cleaning up after my kids, and dinner. Emptying the dishwasher, sweeping a lot (I heart sweeping now that I have this.), and though there have been some moments and I still get frustrated I haven't gone all phsycho momma on my girls...Whoosha Momma?

  4. Works is in a semi-busy mode, but quiet. I'm working on IceFest, Old Market Day and AppleFest all at once, and only one of those is in the near future...can you guess which one? One is in July and the other is in October...craft vendors are crazy!

  5. I confirmed with Paul this morning and he is cool with me heading back to the 'ol stomping grounds for an old school crop (ie: scrapping) with my girlfriends! I'm uber excited!! I go next weekend, not this weekend, but next...incase you were confused on that.

  6. I have to call my mom and ask her to babysit...are you out there Mom? I need her to watch the girls during IceFest (did I just give that away from earlier), probably a spend the night kind of thing, and Paul and I have been invited to B-more with some friends...that's not until April though (another stay the night gig). I hope she says, "Sure daughter of mine, I would love for the girls to come destroy my house and wear me out...bring 'em over!" I heart my mom :-) Whooshmy Momma :-) (tricked ya didn't I??)

  7. I've been suffering from a cold this week, but so far I think that's all it is.

  8. I told Big wee one tonight that if she got out of bed at all in the middle of the night, visiting the potty being an exception, that I was going to spank her hiney. Now I feel bad, because if she has a serious bad dream, or really needs me, she may not want to get out of bed. I doubt it though, that girl comes to visit me at least twice a night...most of the time it's like 3 or 4 times a night; and when you have a cold all you want is to sleep.

  9. I am happy to report that the girl hasn't had any spankings in a LONG time (since way into last year, thankyouverymuch)...so I won't really spank her, due to my new year's resolution, but it gets the point across :-) Whoosha Momma??

  10. I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog to: Whoosha Momma...keeping it real in my world...your thoughts?

I had a friend tell me the other day...you know who you are! That I looked fat in a picture where I'm holding Wee one in the hospital. Gasp...I know, only true friends can call you fat and get away with it...this my friend is for you. I don't look fat here! HA...it was the angle of that horrible picture and I think I'll replace it with this one :-)


Jules said...

Seriously, I LOVE this photo!!! You look beautiful and super skinny for JUST having a baby in THIS photo. And it was only a photo now...I know you in real life. Come on now!!! You ALWAYS look amazing in your photos. I've been FAT for 5 years and I HATE it. Gimmee a Break! Woosha Mama or whatever it is...I likey a lot!!! Only you super cool one...

Jaclyn and Marcel said...

I hope I look that beautiful, calm, and put together (with great hair) after I give birth to this little one!!!