Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Days...

We enjoyed a very layed back weekend, Paul even layed on the couch for awhile on Saturday, and he NEVER does that!

Friday night, I was able to head out and scrap with some friends, this always entails a ton of laughing and good times! I didn't get too much done, just this, but I was able to finish the second part of the LO on Saturday.

**I used templates on both of these LOs and just tweaked them.

Speaking of Saturday, Paul let me in on Saturday until about 9:00 am (even though I woke up earlier then that), it was super nice to just lay in bed while he took care of the girls downstairs...just like I'm doing now :-) Nice trade right!

We layed in our PJs all day Saturday, until about 2:30 when we finally decided to get "moving" and head over to a friend's house. They just moved and we went over with another family to help break in their new casa. Saturday morning, I made a crockpot full of Mexican Stew and since we didn't eat it yesterday, lunch/dinner is already to go today!

The girls are coloring, eating cinnamon buns and watching Pinnochio, which I might ad, is just a tad "off" if I might say. We told her last night that there might be some scary parts in the movie, and she woke up 2 times last night saying she couldn't sleep in her bed...I had to take the movie case out of her room for her to sleep! She's a little sensitive. The boys are turning into donkies at this very weird. What is up with Disney?? They make some whack movies!

I'm gonna do some digi scrapping now and enjoy the rest of our lazy weekend. To one side of our family: GO the other side of the family: GO RAVENS!

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