Friday, January 9, 2009

And then...

The day of the party I make this.

I really am quite proud. Even though 3 seconds after taking this picture...

this happens.
And so I use my beautiful cakeballs to try and hold it up. Not working.

To ease the pain that could come from Big wee one seeing this cake, I've literally thrown-up pink, purple and light pink streamers ALL OVER my house! Hope it works.

Off to get a new cake. Oiy!

**See how calm I am. That's part of my new wifey/mommy new year's resolution...not to fly off the handle on little things. I can't think too much about it though, because my stomach starts to turn! Ugh!


Jenny said...

Looks beautiful anyways! I have never tried a standing cake but it looks hard. I'm sure mine would fall but I probably wouldn't stay as calm as you did.

AmyB said...

I am so sorry! I have never had luck making even a simple cake look nice...but I'm sure she tasted yummy anyway, fallen or not!