Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 on Tuesday

I'm tired today...we have colds again in our casa de' la flohr. Pretty soon, we'll be sitting pretty in sunshine with no signs of green snot rockets in site :-) It will be a beautiful day! In the meantime, here are 10 things that make me smile :-)

1.wouldn't that be an awesome bed to have in your bedroom...if we had a nook in a house, i would create this for the girls :-)

2.you can purchase these cool repositionable picture frames here...aren't they cute and funky


this website, food gawker, makes my mouth water. there are always TONS of delicious looking recipes pasted all over that bad jackson...go there and indulge yourself with something scrumptious!


i found this sweet little doll on etsy, but now i can't find the seller. i think i saved the picture thinking i would ask mimi to help me figure out how to make it. isn't she cute. sweet and simple.


i wonder if paul would ever let me decorate our dining room to look like this. i love it. so open and airy, a "come in and use me" kind of feel to it. i would use it. i would have dinner parties galor and coffee on saturdays. this room would get used! the only thing i think i would do differently is have a solid pattern material on the chairs. but everything else i love, and i also love that it would go with my china. my china that is packed away waiting for a room like this to be used. i miss you china!


speaking of china...here is mine. so simple and pretty, not to mention elegant. i love it. i know i will love it forever too. probably one of the BEST things we received when we got married (that and my mixer, and our bedding)


and speaking of wedding...this makes me smile. what an honor to be chosen for magazines. a couple of different ones. it was pretty crazy to have your friends email you and say, "did i really see you in a magazine?" pretty cute couple right ;-) if you lived in the philly area, i guess about 4-5 years ago (not sure how long they used that picture, probably not too long) then you might have seen us :-) what a perfect way to document our perfect day!


this picture makes me smile because it was my first college formal with paul. look how young and thin he looks. man, i've made him old! i'm sorry honey, i'm sorry i've made you old...but you are still so handsome to me! and as a side note, i'm pretty sure there wasn't any drinking going on here...back to paul, isn't he so cute. ok, i'm a little biased, but really he NEVER smiles with teeth, so this is a rare, rare moment and i love that someone caught it on camera and i was able to copy it from facebook ;-)


this little munchkin makes me smile and makes me sad. i haven't seen her since she was about 6 months old, but on the other side, pictures like this totally brighten my day. i'm also happy that her mommy and i are getting closer everyday. technology is beautiful thing, and jessica and i are lucky that we can talk every day on the computer. we've agreed to keep each other on track and focused this year :-) my brother is lucky to have her as his wife, and munchkin for her mom and me as a sister. i love and miss you sooooo much little girl! (and your mommy and daddy!)

10. coffee with my girlfriends makes me smile, and so does chill time at my parent's house. they both make me smile equally...both are needed desperately and both are loved beyond measure.

Have a great night!


Jenny said...

I love the bunk beds! How cute is that!!! And I love that doll. When I was younger I would have wanted her.

Marie said...

love all the pictures! somehow i completely missed that yesterday was tuesday...