Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been thinking.

Here's what I've been thinking.

Sometimes, I get a little bummed around my non-parent friends.
(even though this is the life and path that we chose...I'm just saying....)
It must be so amazing to sleep in late and go have a drink whenever you choose. To not have to check on your spouse to make sure he/she is going to be home to watch the kids or to spend the extra money on paying someone to watch your kid...or in some cases, begging your mom to watch them. It's not fair. It bites a big one at times.
My nonparent friends don't get to see this:

through a crack in the door to a wee one's bedroom. Their daddy has been gone all day, they literally have not seen him since yesterday and I got to catch this special moment the three of them had.

I then feel bad for my nonparent friends because they don't know what it feels like to love something so much it makes you crinch in your stomach. That they don't get to hug someone so adorable whenever they want, or hear a little tiny voice say, "I wuv yoo". They may not get to hear in the morning as they are rushing out the door, "Mommy, you look pretty today. I like your shoes." Little things that make you want to grab that little wee one and hug them until you squeeze their guts out. And believe me, sometimes it takes every muscle in my body to control myself from squeezing the stuffing right out of them.

Yea, sometimes it sucks that Paul and I can't just go out and do whatever we please, whenever we please. But, we get to share incredible moments with two of the most amazing little people in the world.

And I'm sure that one day my nonparent friends will understand, why we chose to stay home or didn't want to pay the babysitter extra. I'm sure they will also have their own wee ones to hold and to love and will get that though going out is fun, that sometimes staying in is the MOST fun.


Jenny said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! Being a parent fills you with so many mixed emotions but overall it's the best thing and feeling in the world! What a great blog Tina!!

Marie said...

i totally second that :)

Annisa said...

Well said! I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything in the world, even if I have to sacrifice many freedoms during these early years. Pictures like those of Paul and the girls are my favorites - that's life at its best!

Jules said...

Yeah Tina!!! I loved this, really made me grateful for the little ones in our lives!!! Thanks for the reminder...