Sunday, February 15, 2009

Took a Licken'...kept on ticken'

What an interesting week. I must say, if you are a Flohr girl, this week was your week of survival! Lots of bumps and falls going on around here.

Let's recap the week and see what we've all been up to and be happy that we are all still alive.

I finally decided to go to the dr. and get some medicine. I really was trying to man through this "cold", but the cold kicked my ass. I've finished my antibiotics, and am feeling much much better :-) The girls went to school, Paul and a lax meeting and no large injuries occured :-)

Took the girls to their babysitter, and I worked...Paul worked too. Nothing too exciting going on.
Took the girls to school and went to work. About 20 minutes before school was out, they called and said Big wee one fell and bumped her head. There was no outside bump and her eyes were really dialated, so I headed over to get her. She definitely wasn't herself, and her teachers were extremely concerned, but after about 30 minutes she was back to her old self again.

Big wee one smacked her same bumped spot of her head on the corner of the car door. Ouch! You could tell that she really just wanted to yell some bad words! In the afternoon, the cable man came out and installed new phone lines and internet connection. While he's explaining details to me, somehow Little wee one eats it and smacks her cheek on our coffee table...she now has a bruise on her cheek and the cable guy has forever birth control :-)

The girls had a Valentine's party at the babysitter's house and then we came home. Before we left for the sitter, I took some pics of the girls for Valentine's day and of course Little wee one didn't want anything to do with it, but I did get some great ones of Big wee one :-)

I was getting excellent light through Big wee one's window before dance class so I set up my backdrop. A black sheet held onto her dresser with a ceramic piggy bank and the door. She was being adorable with the pictures, and at the end of the photos, she got wiggly and pulled the ceramic piggy bank down. It crashed right on top of her noggin, broke into 1 million pieces and sent coins flying everywhere! I was extremely concerned about her head (could she have anymore trauma placed upon it??), but her head was fine, it was her arm that was hurting her. One of the shards sliced her bicep and of course I instantly thought she needed stitches. I pulled out my dr. skills, pinched the open wound back together, got mad at myself for being so dumb about using a piggy bank, applied a wash cloth and pressure, got Little wee one's shoes on, cursed myself, got downstairs and tied a dish towel around the washcloth, got the girls outside and into the car, and realized, while cursing myself again that I locked the keys in the house! I got ahold of Paul, he came home and pulled out his dr. skills and decided that she didn't need stitches, just a butterfly bandaid and we headed to dance class. All was good after that.

She picks her own poses :-)

Luckily, we had no minor emergencies, head bumps or falls! I had coffee with my girlfriends, and then went to the dollar store to get the girls balloons. Came home, gave the girls their V-day gifts and then went over to a friend's house to play. We came home and everyone took a nap (minus Paul)...we nixed any plans that we might have had for Valentine's since I didn't wake up until 5:30! Being sick really wiped me out! The girls gnoched on chicken nuggets and yogurt for dinner and then watched Annie. Paul picked up fondue for two and we had a nice romantic night in.

We have a birthday party to head to, so I really should think about getting showered. :-)

I've been creating 2 week menus for our dinner plans and I LOVE it! I buy what I need for the two weeks, saving myself money by not buying unwanted items and then I am also saving myself time since I have every dinner meal planned. And I am happy to report that Big wee one is actually trying new things...not that there aren't arguments, but she does try.

Here are some pages I've done recently...have a great week!


AmyB said...

Wow, what a week!

Marie said...

seriously, what a week! but you did get some great pictures out of it!!

sara said...

I love your pages- especially the "just because" page. Very inspiring!