Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Perking Up

We are starting to perk up a little around here...
though sadly Paul has a sinus headache and his ears feel clogged. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't get sick! I told him that if he still feels bad tomorrow evening, then he needs to go to the dr. on Thursday...dealing with a suck husband is NO FUN!
Any big plans for Valentine's day? My sweet loving husband and I will be sharing fondue from a local coffee shop, at home, picnic style, while watching a movie :-) Nothing better then a nice night in!
Funny things Big wee one has said recently:
BWO: Daddy I know what 24 looks like...
Daddy: Oh really, what does it look like?
BWO: a 2 and a 4
D: Very good...how did you know that?
BWO: my mouth told me
In the car this afternoon:
BWO: Mommy, do you watch nasty movies and drink?
Mommy: What?? What are you talking about?
BWO: Julie likes to watch nasty movies and drink.
Mommy: Who told you that? (trying hard not to bust out laughing)
BWO: Sophie (Julie's daughter)
***hmmmm...kids say the darndest things, and by the way: as far as I know Julie does not like to drink and watch nasty movies...LOL! i mean she might, but i'm pretty sure she doesn't :=)

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Lex said...

I like those...too funny! Such little joys they bring.

Emma had to ask what "farted" meant....I guess she is a little sheltered.

Ha Ha.

Have a good day :)